Diagro for Plant Nutrition

A mix of experience, quality and innovation


The plant nutrition field has deeply evolved and specialized in the last few years. The appearing with increasing frequency of physiopathies related to nutritional imbalances, the occurrence of problems arising from climate changes and the requests of a market increasingly aware in terms of quality and healthiness of agricultural productions, has compelled technicians and farmers to reconsider some aspects of fertilization techniques.

A mix of experience, quality and innovation

In order to meet these requirements, Diagro has set up different alliances with international partners with the aim to introduce and develop in our territory a number of specialties. It is a mix of products identified by Diachem SpA (Italy), Biagro S.A (Spain), Cosmo Oil Ltd (Japan), Intertag Ltd (Israel), Pireco B.V. (Holland), Lima Europe N.V. (Belgium), Frayssinet S.A.S (France) trademarks. All these products are the result of pioneering production facilities, specific experiences in the field and an innovative research for plant nutrition.

Thanks to these synergies, Diagro can offer to its customers a range of special products which are the result of the experiences of companies which have been dedicating to the sector since many years, in an international scene and at the most advanced agricultural levels.